Welcome to Earthwise Pet East Village!

Welcome to EarthWise Pet Supply East Village! We are an independent, locally-owned-and-operated grooming and pet supply store serving the downtown San Diego community (and beyond!) since 2015. Our purpose is to provide our neighbors a compelling shopping alternative to ‘Big-Box,’ ‘Mega-Pet,’ and online ‘eChow’ experiences. We offer the widest possible variety of all-natural, grain-free, and raw pet foods, as well as superior quality treats, highly-personalized, award-winning grooming, and an overall awesome in-store experience!


Our Story
Why did we open our store, and what makes us unique, you might ask? Our family has been avid pet owners for many years; dogs, cats, birds, fish – even turtles! Over the years, we became increasingly aware of how the quality of pet food varies from brand to brand; and that, most typically, the best- known brands are actually the worst in terms of nutritional value. We also noticed that ‘prescription’ diets and other supposedly ‘healthy’ recipes from large pet food manufacturers still contained lots of fillers and other ingredients of questionable benefit to our pets. Aside from the food aspect, we became frustrated with the lack of options to the large, impersonal chain stores. Even some of the smaller, independent stores we visited left us with a feeling of no direct, personal involvement by the ownership. It was surprising the number of times we walked in and out of stores and were never acknowledged by anyone, let alone asked if we needed help! These experiences, along with the exciting prospect of becoming small business owners, convinced us to ‘take the plunge’ and create a pet store experience that would match our own standards in terms of quality, atmosphere, and customer service.

Earthwise Pet Supply East Village

1051 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101